About Us

Where is Smarti’s Pizza Located?

The answer to that question is; wherever you would like us to be.  We specialize in events, parties, fundraisers and sometimes just do a pie at a time at your house if you like.  We meet you where you are!

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What is a Make-Your-Own-Pizza Party?

Have you ever wanted to be a pizza chef?  This could be your chance to live out your dream.Our most popular event is the Smarti’s Make Your Own Pizza Party.  This can be a team-building event, or just a group of friends getting together to make pizza.  We will come to you and provide a custom pizza experience for you and your friends.  This fun, and exciting event is one that can be shared by all ages and we would love to meet you and have fun making pizza with you and yours.

How can I get Smarti’s Pizza to cater my event?

That’s easy.  Just shoot us a line at [email protected] and we can coordinate for your event.  We love meeting new people and sharing our pizza with everyone.  Once you try it you will be a believer.

Where did the name Smarti’s Come From?

The name Smarti’s originated in my days in the military.  My friends used to call me Marty, and eventually it morphed into C-Marty.  My wife was then by default S-Marty.  So there you have it.  I named our pizza after my wife; name the best after the best, that’s what I say. 

How did Smarti’s begin?

Smarti’s Pizza is, and always will be a work in progress.  It all began with a goal of creating an excellent pizza that people would love.  I began by experimenting with the recipe and it took about a year to get it right.  Many thanks to all of my friends and family for being the guinea pigs.  What we now have is what we believe to be the best “American-style” pizza in the world.  If you don’t believe us, then try it for yourself.  We always welcome feedback.